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DR433-500/ DR433-2, the Low power wireless module, is used as the wireless data transmission over short distance.

With the small size, weight and power consumption and good stability and reliability, it has the function of bi-directional data signal transmission, test and control.

Ultra low power transmission
Low power consumption
Saving power model
Long transmission distance        

  • Transmission Power
The standard transmit power 2W/1W, users can set it, High receiving sensitivity: -123dbm
  • Working Frequency
Carrier Frequency: 433MHz, options of 402-470MHz.
  • Low power consumption
DC5V Power, Receiving current <50mA, transmitting current <1.5A/2W (<1A/1W); Sleeping current 1mA.
  • Working Temperature
The real industrial product, the working temperature is -40~+85
  • Output/ Input Interface
It can provide RS-232, RS-485, and TTL.
  • Power control
One sleeping model: awaken from hardware
  • Circuit Structure
Radio adopts chip integration, the conversion time for transceiver is short <20ms, all indications consistency, and better performance.
  • High Anti-Interference and Low BER (Bit error Rate)
Based on the GFSK modulation mode, it adopts the efficient communication protocol. The actual bit error rate is 10-510-6when channel bit error rate is 10-2.
  • Long transmission distance
Within the range of visibility, the reliable transmission distance can be 5km-15km when place the antenna higher than 3m.
  • Transparent data transmission
Transparent data interface is offered, which can be fit for nonstandard user protocol. Any false data generated in the air can be filtrated automatically (What has been received is exactly what has been transmitted). The change time for receiving and sending <10ms.
  • Multi-channel and speed
FY-605 provides various baud rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 and 38400bps. The wireless transmission speed and the connection baud rate are proportional, to satisfy the customer’s equipment.
  • High speed wireless communication and big data buffer
When the RF baud rate is bigger than the COM baud rate, it can transmit unlimited data at one time, and when the RF baud rate is smaller than or was equal to the COM baud rate, may transmit 512 bytes data.
  • Intelligent data control and the user doesn’t need to prepare excessive programs
Even it’s half duplex, the user doesn’t need to prepare excessive programs, only receiving/transmitting the data from the interface. DR433-2000 will automatically complete the other operations, such as transmission/receiving conversion in the air, control, etc.
  • High reliability, small and light
Single chip radio frequency integrated circuit and lessened peripheral circuits, high reliability, and low failure rate.
  • Watchdog monitor
Watchdog monitors the inner function, so it can change the traditional product structure and improve the product reliability.

  • AMR Automatic Meter Reading;
  • Wireless alarm and security systems;
  • Wireless conference voting system;
  • Sports training & competition;
  • Wireless dishes ordering;
  • Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
  • RF transmitter wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
  • Point to multi-point wireless network, wireless on-the-spot bus and automatic data collection system
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