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Seamlessly Connection to your SCADA System and Database

            OPC(OLE for process Control) is a standard
                integration interface in automation fields.
            AQOPC OPC server that gives you access to
                all the online values in the system.
            Using the AQOPC, you do not have to worry
                about the SCADA/DCS communication, it offers
                seamless connection from AQUAS's devices to
                SCADA systems, such as iFix, Wonderware,
               Citect and WinCC.

Key Features

  • Seamless SCADA Software connection
SCADA Software connection such as iFix, Wonderware, Citect, etc
Multi-threaded design with high performance
Firewall friendly
  • Simple System Setup and Diagnosis
Auto connection over the intranet/internet on startup
Eliminate the headache of DCOM setting
Easy view of system configuration and tag status using tree structure graphical display
  • Easy Tag Generation
Import/Export the tags list by Excel CSV file
Provides BOOL, INT, DINT, UNIT, UDINT, REAL and STRING data types
Definable multiple bits or single bit for I/O register
Compatible with OPC Device, GROUP, TAG structure
Multiple single simulation functions
  • Support Cellular and Wireless Dynamic IP
Allow AQUAS remote devices communication via Cellular or wireless network using dynamic IP addresses
  • OPC Standard Compliance
Data Access V.10, V2.5A, V3.0
Data Access Automation Interface Standard V2.0
OPC Common Definition and Interface Standard V1.0
OPC Complex Data V1.0
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