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SSE has been the sole distributor of the GE range of Industrial Communication Products in Southern Africa for a number of years. If it’s Digital Communications you are after, SSE will be able to provide you with a solution.

The SD4 Data Radio is made for all Telemetry applications. With higher data speed throughput it has been the replacement for Analogue radio systems for a number of years now.

GE provides industrially hardened communications networks for leading industrial and energy companies.  Their industrial communications solutions include a broad range of high quality industrial wireless routers and modems, cellular 4G routers and gateways, hardened optical networks, multiplexers, broadband power line solutions, and Ethernet switches and converters.

GE’s industrial communications solutions deliver comprehensive networks that are designed to be flexible and tailored to meet customers’ objectives and unique geographic requirements.  GE supplies industrial communications to markets worldwide, with a focus on Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, Water/Wastewater and Transportation.

MDS is a world leading single-source, end-to-end industrial wireless communications provider.  From wellhead monitoring to utility substation automation and SCADA applications, our industrial wireless routers and modems are packaged, rated and tested to harsh specifications.  Their communications portfolio includes wireless radios for unlicensed and licensed narrowband communication in a variety of frequencies, and industrial 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE cellular routers and gateways.  These wireless networks carry serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, as well as analogue and digital I/O signals connected directly to field devices and sensors, accommodating an extensive array of industrial protocols.


Telemetry Systems – Electrical, Water, Waste Water, etc
SCADA Systems
PLC to PLC Communications
PLC to SCADA over long distances
Transfer of Data between points

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