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This unit is for additional protection of the Analogue inputs to the SSE MAESTRO M2000 or RTU12 and other I/O modules. This gives comprehensive Galvanic Isolation as well as lightning protection for harsh environments.
The Isolation is very handy in cases where self powered instrumentation is used or in typically sub-stations where earth differences and huge currents are flowing.
Key Features
Voltage & mA
  • Maximum I/O Voltage: 30VDC.
  • Typically used for isolation of 4 – 20mA signals. Can not handle signals smaller than 4mA.
Physical Dimension
  • Length           : 135mm (for 8 channel)
  • Width             : 42mm
  • Height            : 80mm

Connection Sockets
  • 14-Way Ribbon to the Meastro CPU or I/O Modules.
  • 2 x 8 way screw pluggable termination connectors to field.
  • 2-Way Power supply 12V+, Ground

Channel (IO) Options available
  • Three Channels. (SSE-BBSI3C)
  • Four Channels. (SSE-BBSI4C)
  • Eight Channels. (SSE-BBSI8C)

    • 2.5kV Galvanic Isolation
    • 10kA Surge protection.

      Ordering Information
      • Three Channels: SSE-BBSI3C
      • Four Channels: SSE-BBSI4C
      • Eight Channels: SSE-BBSI8C
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